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Freebyte Zip 2.3

Create archives and unpacks compressed files
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Makes ZIP or self-extracting archives and protects them with passwords. Extracts the files contained within ZIP archives.

Freebyte Zip is a free file compression program. It will neatly compress any number of files to help you send them by e-mail faster or when save them to a removable device of limited capacity. You can either create a new zip file or add files and folders to an existing one. As usual, the level of compression can be customized, but the resulting size always depends on the actual contents of the files being compressed.

The program can also create self-extracting .exe files, which will help the recipient of the compressed file to open them without having this or other similar tool installed in their system. On a side note, this function uses VCLZip, a popular compression component written by Kevin Bolyan, so you will see the VCLZip logo when running the executable files. Freebyte Zip can also decompress standard .zip files, generated by other compression utilities. You can set a password to prevent your zipped archives from being decompressed without your permission.

The program requires no installation. You will be able to run it just by double-clicking on the FBZip.exe file that comes with the package, or opening a DOS window and using the command-line options that are explained in the readme.txt provided.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It has every function you may find in other expensive compressors
  • It is totally compatible with other ZIP utilities


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